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Just a note to let you know once again that I will never forgot you all as you gave my husband back to me and I will always be indebted to you all.

I want to thank everyone for the amazing love and care given to my mother during her time at the center. 

Thank you all for the wonderful care you all gave Mama. She really enjoyed the time she spent with you and always came home with a smile on her face. You are a very special group of people and I know God has a special place saved for you. Thank you again.

We were blessed far beyond our expectations by the wonderful care you and your staff gave to my Mom. The Alzheimer's Center became her second home, where she was protected, pampered and loved. I truly do knot know how I would have managed without you. Than you for brightening her days and mine. May God Bless and Keep you strong as you give to others your gifts of love and care.

Words simply cannot express the love and appreciation for all you did for my father. Not only did you give exceptional care but you also loved him. Thank you so much for all you did.

For loving my little Mama, for your willingness to want to help families.... Each of you were God sent at a time when Mama needed. She loved each one of you. She looked forward to being able to come "to work."

The Jud C. Hickey Center was a tremendous "life raft" for me during the time my mother, Mildred, (who had an 8-year journey with Alzheimer's) lived with me and my family for a year and a half before requiring additional care. For over a year, she visited the Center regularly throughout the week. It gave me the relief I needed, as I was often up during the night with my mother to keep her safe as she began to wander as the disease progressed. The Center provided my mother with a safe, loving environment that stimulated her mind and spirit, while also respecting her dignity. I will be eternally grateful for the wonderful people at the Jud C. Hickey Center.