COVID-19 Update - Click Here for More Information


1901 Central Avenue Augusta, Georgia 30904

Covid-19 Update

Local and state experts are warning that our participant population is still at great risk, and the positive cases continue to rise. Our plan is to open in three phases. Phase 1 will be a soft opening at 25% of our capacity. Our soft re-opening will allow for only a few members. Our staff will contact you to let you know if you are a part of Phase 1. The Phase 1 re-opening is tentatively scheduled for two weeks after the Richmond County senior centers open. 

Phase 2 will come at a later date yet to be determined. Phase 2 will bring us to 50% capacity. The majority of members should be able to begin attending again. Initially, all members will attend fewer days than normal, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate during allowable spots. In Phase 3, we will return to regular capacity pre-Covid-19.

We know this is disappointing news as we are all anxious to return to a regular schedule and see our friends. At the same time, we know you understand that our concern for the well-being of our Jud C. Hickey Center family—our participants, families, caregivers, staff, and volunteers—outweighs all other factors.

Join us on our virtual day program called Mindgevity Online Monday – Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.   To learn more, see your Hickey2Home newsletter, send an email to, or call (706)738-5039