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Center Activities

Cognitive Programs

Cognitive programs that utilize working memory from the past and help maintain skills. Large groups and small group activities rely on reminiscing, retrieving information from long-term memory. Cognitive programs are weaved into active games which allow all participants to participate and be successful. Our programs include: Small group discussion, word games, puzzles, bingo and daily living activities and tasks.

Physical Programs

Physical programs aim to maintain and improve strength, flexibility, balance, movement and endurance. These programs are designed to maintain or increase function while potentially decreasing depression. Programs such as dancing have been shown to increase socialization as well. Our programs include: Daily Exercise, Walking Club, and games.

Psychosocial Programs

Psychosocial programs are designed to increase positive relationships with others, provide opportunities to express emotions, increase decision making motivation and social interactions, and decrease depression. These activities help those who are passive become engaged, and provide positive experiences. Our programs include: Arts, Discussion Groups, Pet Therapy, and Entertainers. 

Sensorimotor Programs

Sensorimotor programs aim to evoke an active response from participants, such as engaging passive or apathetic individuals or calming those who are agitated. Sensory cues are offered for those with limited cognitive or verbal abilities.