How does the Jud C. Hickey Center help caregivers?

The Adult Day Center and In-home Respite Care Program provide caregivers with a much needed break from the daily responsibilities of direct care.
These services allow caregivers to:

  • Continue to work outside the home.
  • Delay placement in a nursing home for as long as possible.
  • Schedule appointments, run errands, or simply have “personal time.”

If you are a caregiver who is not taking time for yourself, you may be putting yourself at risk for serious health problems.  As a caregiver, you devote a significant amount of time and energy to the person with Alzheimer’s disease.  But too often, caregivers do not recognize their own needs or simply do not know where to turn to for help.  At the Jud C. Hickey Center, we are here for you as well as for your loved one.