1901 Central Avenue Augusta, Georgia 30904

The Jud C. Hickey Center's Philosophy and Mission

The Jud C. Hickey Center for Alzheimer's Care is a non-profit organization that offers comprehensive Adult Day Care and In-home Respite Care programs specifically designed for patients with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia. The Center is an unrestrained facility that provides...

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The Jud C. Hickey Center was a tremendous "life raft" for me during the time my mother, Mildred, (who had an 8-year journey with Alzheimer's) lived with me and my family for a year and a half before requiring additional care. For over a year, she visited the Center regularly throughout the week. It gave me the relief I needed, as I was often up during the night with my mother to keep her safe as she began to wander as the disease progressed. The Center provided my mother with a safe, loving environment that stimulated her mind and spirit, while also respecting her dignity. I will be eternally grateful for the wonderful people at the Jud C. Hickey Center.