1901 Central Avenue Augusta, Georgia 30904

HandPicked Store and Bracelet Support Center

The Jud C. Hickey Center for Alzheimer’s Care has been chosen by HandPicked as its “HeartPicked” charity for the Augusta area. Handpicked is a jewelry and gift store located in the promenade area at Augusta Mall near Chico's and the Apple Store.

The Jud C. Hickey Center receives  a portion  of HandPicked's proceeds on the third Tuesday of each month, the store's "HeartPicked" day. The company also sells a special charm bracelet with the Jud C. Hickey logo which benefits the Center. The bracelet and charm can be ordered online for $28.

HandPicked established the non-profit initiative, HeartPicked, as its way of helping improve the lives of women and children in the communities it serves.

Please keep this in mind when you need a gift for a special occasion!