Our Approach to Care

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Any interaction between individuals or between an individual and the environment is considered an activity.  Every event, encounter and exchange is an activity, be it a bath, meal, song or smile.

Activities are an integral part of daily existence.  "Doing" to most people means being alive.   Alzheimer's care that focuses on activities suggests that activities are the foundation of care.

People with Alzheimer's disease or another memory disorder should be offered a variety of activities, which should accomplish the following goals:

  • Enhance the quality of life
  • Maintain physical well-being
  • Encourage socialization
  • Encourage expression of feelings
  • Maintain connection with the outside world
  • Bring some fun into their day
  • Encourage use of remaining abilities
  • Encourage independence and promote self-esteem
  • Provide intellectual stimulation

Whatever the activity, we should always remember that the process of the activity is more important than the finished product.   The person with memory loss may not remember the activity but will remember the good feeling if he or she enjoyed the activity experience.

Our daily cycle of activities is designed to strengthen and enhance the cognitive and physical skills of the clients coming to the center.   Much research and experience has gone into the development of these activities that are not only pleasant and fun, but have therapeutic value as well.

Our activities were developed to cover the following areas: physical, cognitive, social, spiritual and therapeutic, and all activities have a specific purpose.

The level of the activity is designed to meet the current level of functioning of each client to ensure that everyone has a quality day.

Special activities are planned for the client's birthday and holidays.